Playing music outside in the colder months here in Jax.

Yes, we do live in Florida. But, it's NE Florida. It does get cold here and it can be cold and rainy at the same time on gig day! Coming from NW Virginia it's pretty much unheard of to play outside from mid October to mid April. Though I do remember playing a rally for the late Democratic US Senator Harry F. Byrd, Jr on the Berryville, VA courthouse steps in early November, 1976....In A VERY Heavy Coat! Ahhhh youth. It's wasted on the young! Here in Jacksonville, FL playing outside in the Winter months can be challenging. Our weather is very "Fall Like" from November through March by Mid Atlantic standards. And this leads to booking bands/Duos/Singles outdoors on an establishments patio or deck year round. Summer has lots of Sweltering Rain Outs that you mostly need to cancel. (Lightning and water do not bode well for the musician plugged into an electrical outlet!) In Winter when it may dip down into the lower 50's, 40's or even lower it's a different matter. No rain and customers willing to sit out side (Usually near a Dyna Glo Heater) and YOU PLAY!  Here's some helpful hints for performers playing outside during the late Fall and Winter months in NE Florida (mostly common sense).

Number 1. Layer your clothing. You'll be surprised how warm you'll get playing an acoustic instrument for an hour straight. You can always take a layer of clothes off to become more comfortable.

Number 2. Bring a lined coat or jacket for in between sets. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll cool down.

Number 3. WEAR A HAT! Half of your body heat escapes through your noggin! 

Number 4. Don't complain! Be grateful that you have a gig and are playing. A lot of your musician friends are home wishing that they were playing.

Thanks Y'all. See you tomorrow at the South Kitchen and Spirits in Avondale Jacksonville, FL


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