I can't say enough about how important professionalism is in the music business. The way you present yourself and your band, your comportment, your equipment, what you wear... it goes on and on. After (and this is amazing for me to say) a half century in this business I feel that I'm qualified to speak on this subject.

  • Check out your prospective venues first. Don't assume that your style of music fits the needs of the venue and their clientele (If they love singer/songwriter music don't approach them with your metal band.)
  • Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but don't expect to piggyback off others' successes. (Do your own due diligence)
  • Be your own artist. (Be true to what you do artistically. You don't have to do/play at/dress like/something or someone else because they do)
  • What you wear/the clothes you choose to perform in. (This is a real stickler for me) If you play classy gigs or even a casual classy gig. Dress the part. Don't look like a street person when the crowd is dressy casual. (Come on many people want to see your hairy underarms in a sleeveless tee or your big ugly toes in those beat up sandals!)
  • Adjust your volume to suit the room and audience. I LOVE to rock out but that's not always the best case. 
  • Always communicate with the club manager or person that hired you. They are the boss. Please them and you'll be back.

That's all for now. 9/22/19........any other thoughts? 

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