WOW! A nice run continues.

Diana and I started our acoustic music Duo with a simple conversation just after New Year 2019. I was pretty much over playing with 3/4/5 piece "club bands" that put their HOBBIES before, what I consider, my continuing career in music. And honestly, arriving home at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning was just not appealing to me anymore. Then by autumn what was becoming a serious musical endeavor is now pretty damn much what we both do everyday! 10 paid gigs in 34 days and looking at 9 more in the next 36 days with more calls coming for new gigs every week is more than we could have ever hoped for this past January. We both work very hard "mining" our musical connections, developing our material and working on Diana's amazing original songs. We are both enjoying the moment and are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for this opportunity. We have more gigs after the Christmas holiday and are looking forward to a prosperous 2020 for the Silk and Steel Duo and for all of our friends! Now off to Red's Wine Bar in Green Cove Springs, FL for another great evening of playing music. See 'ya!

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